Data Encryption Solutions

Safeguarding sensitive information for your organization should always be a high priority. Implementing a data backup plan alone may not be significant. Nonetheless, using privacy tools and to encrypt and save your information will help you protect your intellectual property. Thus helping you reduce the risk of data breach or theft.

We interviewed the cyber security and data recovery experts at Data Analyzers about Encryption. This was an interesting interview and we learned allot during the process. We learned that investing in the right data privacy tools to protect your sensitive data is essential. Besides, it helps you retrieve your data during an emergency. Discussed below are top five tools you can use to decrypt data for your business.

1. Vera Crypt.

Decrypt is one of the vital security tools. It provides you with the best encryption for your data. It is simple to use. All it does is to add an encrypted password to your partitions and data. All you need is to provide the tool with a few details about your data. For instance volume size, location and special hashing algorithm. After that, the program will encrypt your data in a few steps.

2. Ax Crypt

If you want something reliable, then this should be your best bet. The software has specifically been designed for individual and small teams within businesses. It provides robust security, and the files are protected through 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Besides, the software uses cloud-based capabilities to save your data automatically. The software is multilingual, and it can work in different languages.

3.Folder Lock

Although it is essential to protect the assets of a company, it is also critical to add protection to any device that stores your data. For instance, most companies have their emails and other accounts on their smartphones; hence, they need to be protected.

The software is a better option when it comes to adding encryption to your devices. Besides, the app assists in protecting personal files and videos.

4. Crypto Expert 8

This is Windows-based desktop software. It provides secure data vaults for your information. By ensuring, it always protect you from protected potential breaches.

CryptoExpet 8 offers more powerful encryption than other apps and tools. The system can back up an array of different files including certificates. Moreover, it can secure vaults of unlimited sizes.

5. Certain Safe

Certain Safe is a useful cloud-based encryption software. It helps in mitigating all aspects of risk and is a compliant the industry regulations. Besides, with the platform, you can share and store documents, SMS, photos, and videos. Moreover, it adds automated security for business databases.



Top Technology Trends that Shape Small Businesses

Whether small or large, technology is vital for the success of any business. Companies accumulate quick wealth when they combine technology with new ways of doing business. However, while it’s actually the smaller businesses that need technology more, larger firms seem to be the only ones heeding to this advice. Well, should you consider employing technology into your small business, here are the top trends to try.

  1. The Blockchain Technology

While most of us are familiar with the term Blockchain, its innovation continues to make headlines. The blockchain is the current form of digital currency that many businesses have invested in. Netpreneurs are even talking about its huge potential, beyond financial transactions and cryptocurrency. It’s indeed one of the trends that are shaping small businesses today.

  1. Improved Customer Relation Solutions

Initially, customer relationship management software seemed too expensive and complicated for small enterprises. Currently, however, technology has evolved providing a wider range of seamless CRM solutions for even the small businesses. With newer, more sophisticated and accessible CRM platforms, therefore, small businesses can integrate data from all forms of customer engagement and hence achieve their goals sooner.

  1. Contactless Payments

The success of small businesses is depended on several factors, but the appropriate use of the technology is key. For instance, consider the impact of the current mobile payment solutions to the business world. Today, small-scale retailers globally are embracing mobile payments, thanks to technology. This has also dramatically improved customer experience as well.

  1. Shifting to Mobile

In this era of wearable technology, smartphones, and tablets, the world is more progressively connected to e-commerce than ever. With the lucrative holiday shopping and busy work schedules, smaller businesses are beginning to venture into the world of online marketing. This has however positively impacted the businesses. It’s, therefore, more critical than ever that the small enterprises venture into the mobile powered marketing.

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Also, as technology continues to expand, the innovation of Artificial Intelligence to businesses is beginning to boom. As such, smaller enterprises employing this technology are predicted to outpace their competitors quickly, and by far.

While there are several contributors to the growth of the small business industry, one of the most significant drivers is constant technological advancement and digital innovation. Observing these business trends, however, can be a morale booster for small and medium-sized businesses looking to succeed in the current changing business rates and the stiff competition. They should also help ease your success journey so you can achieve it sooner.


Data Recovery

DIY Data Recovery That Works!

As of today, almost everyone uses a computer for various activities be it studying, working at home, business, and official purposes. A computer may be stored with an array of vital as well as sensitive information, from financial, personal to business. Have you lost important documents? Or have has formatting, repartitioning or viral damage led to the loss of your favorite pictures? Don’t panic; your data is not lost. Chances are that it’s still somewhere in your hard disk. With DIY data recovery skills, you can salvage the data from your hard drive.

DIY Data Recovery that Works – Essential Tips

Be Calm – This may sound awkward, but being calm after being faced with data loss is very important. I know you may panic, thinking that you have lost all your data. But, be calm, take a deep breath and come up with the best strategy which you will use to recover your data. Remember, making rash decisions may lead to permanent data loss. Therefore, be calm, think everything through and come up with the best strategy to recover your data.

Evaluate Your Options – How important is your lost data? If the information was financial or business, then am sure it’s of great importance. How fast does your data need to be recovered? Also, you need to ask yourself if you have the required skills and knowledge to perform the data recovery. Even if the task is not professional, it’s necessary to be equipped with the right skills for a successful recovery.

Have the Resources Needed – Now this is of great importance.  You need to have the right tools required for the job. For instance, you may need a computer, a trusted data recovery tool, a destination drive and a bootable USB or CD. Don’t try to run a disk repair too to see if you’ll make the recovery. This is not a trial and error process; you may end up overwriting or destroying the information you intend to recover. Use only the most reputable data recovery tools and avoid multiple data recovery attempts because trying to recover so many times may damage your data.

Being equipped with the right data recovery tool is the key to getting your data back. After making a successful recovery, backup the data and install an antivirus software to prevent a loss in future. Don’t try recovering the data if you don’t have a bit of DIY tech know-how. Rather than risk losing your data, hire a data recovery professional to help you out.


A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

6 to 7 years back, Cryptocurrency was just a digital fad that was overlooked by a lot of economist and financial experts. However, the tech gurus who saw an investment opportunity in it now boast of the billions they have in their accounts. As popular as Cryptocurrency really is, not most people know what it actually is on an in-depth level. Here’s a quick guide about Cryptocurrency.

What is It?

Cryptocurrency with people shadowIt’s basically a digital form of currency that runs on a blockchain. The blockchain can be perceived as a digital ledger that is secure and accessible by anyone provided you have a stable internet connection.

Being a valid form of currency, you can use it to purchase or sell products/services. The currency can also be traded. Each Cryptocurrency has its own worth in the market. The more popular a Cryptocurrency is, the higher its value it will be on the market.

Who Invented this Genius Currency?

It’s funny how the inventor of Cryptocurrency is up to date still a mystery. The inventor goes by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is just an internet alias, his real identity remains unknown. He invented Bitcoin in 2008 and also its blockchain technology.

What are the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies?

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies that run on different blockchains. However, there are some which are more widespread and popular than others. Here are some;

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular Cryptocurrency on the market as at now. Being the first to be invented, we can only expect it to be at the top. Do you recall how hyped it was sometime last year? Well, it’s because the value of one Bitcoin rose to more than $4000.

  • Etheruem

This form of Cryptocurrency was invented in 2015 and follows Bitcoin when it comes to popularity. The value of 1 Etheruem used to go for at least $400. But after its blockchain was hacked in 2017, its value reduced to 10 cents.

  • Litecoin

Despite being a newcomer in the market, Litecoin is fastly catching up to Bitcoin. It uses an operation similar to Bitcoin but it’s a whole lot faster when it comes to mining and processing of payments. 1 Litecoin goes for $60 on the market value.

Cryptocurrencies can either be stored on digital wallets. Now you can either download a crypto wallet app on your phone or PC. Alternatively, you can store your Cryptocurrency in a web-hosted wallet. Thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? Then you should go ahead. Due to the rapid increase in its value, it’s becoming an attractive investment. One thing that you, however, have to know is that cryptocurrencies are hard to predict. The value may rise or drop drastically at any time.

Data Recovery

New Demands from Digital Forensics in 2018

Digital forensics describes investigating and interpreting electronic data. Several key players characterize the digital forensic market. Some of the most recognized vital players in the digital forensic market include Oxygen Forensics, FireEye, Access Data, PerkinElmer Inc., guidance software.

The digital forensic market is expected to grow to 6.95 dollars with time from 3.08 dollars in the year 2017. The growth in the size of the digital forensic market will also mean that the demand for digital forensic services will increase between the given years.

Several factors highly determine sales of digital forensics. Such factors may include, economic factors, environmental factors. Today most companies and businesses have opted and highly dependent on cloud computing technology, whereby they store their data and business-related information on the internet using a network of remote servers. Any company or institution that offers cloud computing services will opt to use digital forensics services to ensure that data and information belonging to their clients is safe and secure and that it cannot be erased in case of cyber-attack.

Increased cyber-attacks, crimes and increased security concerns around the globe has also led to an increase in new demand for digital forensics with an aim to put an end or somewhat reduce such activities. The digital forensic applications are lowering prices with time making them affordable and suitable for the government institution to be able to safeguard classified information from terrorist groups. Law enforcement groups will use digital forensic applications to solve crimes and hand over sufficient evidence. In North America for instance, digital forensics is mostly used in banking, IT and law enforcement.

Regarding law enforcement, digital forensic allows recovery of fingerprints from metals and surfaces. This way law enforcement institution can solve crimes quickly.

Almost everyone around the globe uses a mobile phone. All mobile phone user around the globe store information, photos and videos on their mobile phone. Digital forensic applications ensure that any data stored in your mobile phone is safe and that any unwanted signals that can wipe out or contaminate your data are eliminated.


Hard Drive

5 Steps to Prevent Hard Drive Failure.

Most of the computer user experiences the nightmares of hard drive failure. We can try as much as we can to prevent hard drives from crushing but we cannot prevent viruses from attacking our hand drives and computer. These bugs can often cause our computers to crash. The following are 5 Steps to Prevent Hard Drive Failure:

  1. Accidentally Dropped the Drive.

There have been many cases where the drive has been accidentally dropped by the user or knocked over. Many of these drives are designed to sit upright on a flat surface. This can cause it to be susceptible to tipping over. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to allow it to lay flat instead of upright. This will prevent tipping.

  1. Power Surges from Lightning Strikes.

lighting StrikeFrequent power-outs and unstable voltage can be very harmful to the hard disk; it not only makes the drive wear out much quicker but also affects the entire PC performance negatively. Therefore it is very crucial to use high-quality UPS (uninterruptable power supply) for your computer.

  1. Prevent Overheating.

For most of the electronic components, heat is a pretty harmful factor. You need to take action immediately if you notice that the hard drive of your computer is overheated. A small utility called “HDD temperature” is able to monitor the drive temperature which can help you solve the overheating problem effectively. You can use this utility to record the maximum temperature after you stop using the computer for an hour. If the temperature of the drive is turn out to be over 500 C, it is not a good thing; the best solution is to install a cooling fan to maintain drive temperature around 300C – 450 C to ensure its stability.

  1. Defragment regularly

Disk-fragmentationDefragmentation is a basic and also a reliable way to maintain the hard drive performance. If you have many large files in your computer and you copy and paste them a lot, it is recommended to defrag at least once a week to eliminate the fragments and keep the files stay in order. But do remember not to defrag too often, if you defragment several times a week or even a day, it will do no good to the disk but bring you the opposite effect.

  1. Clean up the Windows registry.

A messed Windows Registry not only affects the PC performance but also bad for the hard drive. There will be hundreds of wasted entries left in the registry every time you remove a program which makes the registry lumpish and sluggish over time, the best solution is to clean the registry periodicity to keep it compact by using 3rd party registry cleaner.

Data Recovery

Create the target virtual machine with an empty virtual drive for recovery

Create the Target Virtual Machine with an Empty Virtual Drive for Recovery

One of the ways through which you can recover data is by creating a target virtual using an empty virtual drive. Here, we look at the steps to achieving this. it is important to note the steps below keenly as they will be vital in your success.

What to know about this task

Before giving you the steps of creating a target virtual machine with an empty drive for recovery, here are some basic facts that you should be aware of before beginning the task:

-Every virtual machine has more than one disk. However, you will only use one of the disks (empty one) to restore the data in your computer.

-This task involves copying and adding disks between two virtual machines so there is need to be careful.

-It is possible that you can restore disks to a virtual machine even in cases where the virtual machine is powered off.

-Before beginning the task, ensure that you have enough space in the empty virtual recovery drive that you want to restore the data.

-There is no chance that you can restore disks to a virtual machine that is archived.

-Always ensure that the fault tolerance option if off otherwise you may not be able to attach any disks to that virtual machine.

What are the steps to take?

After noting the above factors, it is time for conducting the actual process. Consider the steps below:

  1. 1. Expanding of the CommCell Browser

commcell browserThe first step involves expanding the ComCell Browser by going to the client computers, virtualization_client , Virtual Server and then click on VMWare. From here, right click to get the content to restore then select all tasks, browse then restore.

  1. Selection of the disks to attach

The next step is to visit the browse and restore options. From here, select attach discs to the existing virtual machine and click on the “view content” option.

  1. 3. Navigate the source virtual machine

Use the left pane to find your way around the source virtual machine. Here, you will notice that all the VMDK files are selected by default mostly on the right pane. You should then choose any of the two available options. The first one involves restoring all the disks. Here, you will have to leave the default selections by the virtual machine in the right pane where they are. On the other hand, you can restore the selected disks and clear all the selections made by the virtual machine on the right pane. This gives room for disks that you do not want restored. After this, click on the “recover all selected” option.

  1. 4. Choose your option and click “okay”

At this stage, you will have different options depending on your preference. The most effective steps however is to select a proxy and restoring all disks from source virtual machine. However, you can choose to restore only selected disks and rename them.

However, regardless of the step you take in the above stage, the result would be that you would have restored virtual machine disks and attached them to an empty target virtual machine.


Exciting Opportunities Created by Technology

With the everyday advancement of technology, opportunities arise in every aspect of the human life. This includes the economy, health, education and even the social bit. Below are some of the new exciting opportunities that technology has created.

  1. Ability to Multitask

Thanks to technology, people are no longer bound to doing one activity at a time. For example, before technology, a person could either be working or going to school but never both. However, thanks to technology, an individual can comfortably be a scholar and a working professional all at once.

  1. Employment

Because of technology, people are able to create numerous types of employment including self-employment. Without technology, people were not able to be bloggers, vloggers, or internet based professionals. However, now one can make a living without having to work for someone else.

  1. Increase in Market Base

Technology has made it easier and faster to reach more people when marketing a product or service. People can use photographs, videos, posts and other methods and post them on the internet. Online marketing is less tedious and much faster than manual, on the ground marketing. As a result, someone can establish a company and reach their clientele without much physical labor.

  1. Increased Socialization

Through social media platforms and other communication channels, people are becoming more social all over the world. Not only is it easier to stay in touch with people no matter the geographical differences, people can also now travels and experiences different parts of the world. Before technology, people were stuck in the places they were born and nurtured. However now people can travel, school, get healthcare, and live in different parts of the world because of technology.

In conclusion, technology has created exciting opportunities for everyone around the world. It has also led to advancement in many sectors including the economy, health, infrastructure, education, and the society. Technology has without a doubt made life easier for human beings.

Hard Drive

Micro SD cards and Video Games.: What’s the connection?

Are you wondering about the relationship existing between micro SD cards and video games? Well, we all know that to store any video games, one has to get sufficient storage spaces. Micro SD cards can, therefore, be a solution. In olden days, video game console relied on memory cards to store the data for the games.

The first video game device that used a memory card was the Neo Geo AES. It first came into place in 1990 produced by a company called SNK. These memory cards were congenial with Neo-Geo MVS arcade chips. This allowed players to transfer saved data between home and computer systems that run the videos. For six generations, video gamed devices have used memory cards that were on propriety formats. However, the systems that came later used more advanced memory cards hardware such as FAT32.

Although many video games devices recently use hard drive storages and flash disks to store game information, some still use card formats through their reader to facilitate the same process. Also, majority portable gaming devices rely on customized memory cartridges because of their smaller sizes and low power consumption.


One of the portable devices that use micro SD cards is the Nintendo Switch. This gaming device can support up to 2TB of micro SD storage. Games in such devices take a tremendous amount of room. Therefore, one has to take a card with high capacity to work effectively with the switch. For Nintendo 3DS, you won’t purchase an SDXC card since it supports SDHC cards containing storage of 32GB or less.

Currently, we have many devices that support microSD, microSDHX cards, and microSDHC. All these cards range in their storage capabilities. To remain on the safer side, we would advise users to opt for larger capacity cards as they can hold a vast number of games. They can also carry high-quality games with no hitch.

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