Data Encryption Solutions

Safeguarding sensitive information for your organization should always be a high priority. Implementing a data backup plan alone may not be significant. Nonetheless, using privacy tools and to encrypt and save your information will help you protect your intellectual property. Thus helping you reduce the risk of data breach or theft.

We interviewed the cyber security and data recovery experts at Data Analyzers about Encryption. This was an interesting interview and we learned allot during the process. We learned that investing in the right data privacy tools to protect your sensitive data is essential. Besides, it helps you retrieve your data during an emergency. Discussed below are top five tools you can use to decrypt data for your business.

1. Vera Crypt.

Decrypt is one of the vital security tools. It provides you with the best encryption for your data. It is simple to use. All it does is to add an encrypted password to your partitions and data. All you need is to provide the tool with a few details about your data. For instance volume size, location and special hashing algorithm. After that, the program will encrypt your data in a few steps.

2. Ax Crypt

If you want something reliable, then this should be your best bet. The software has specifically been designed for individual and small teams within businesses. It provides robust security, and the files are protected through 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Besides, the software uses cloud-based capabilities to save your data automatically. The software is multilingual, and it can work in different languages.

3.Folder Lock

Although it is essential to protect the assets of a company, it is also critical to add protection to any device that stores your data. For instance, most companies have their emails and other accounts on their smartphones; hence, they need to be protected.

The software is a better option when it comes to adding encryption to your devices. Besides, the app assists in protecting personal files and videos.

4. Crypto Expert 8

This is Windows-based desktop software. It provides secure data vaults for your information. By ensuring, it always protect you from protected potential breaches.

CryptoExpet 8 offers more powerful encryption than other apps and tools. The system can back up an array of different files including certificates. Moreover, it can secure vaults of unlimited sizes.

5. Certain Safe

Certain Safe is a useful cloud-based encryption software. It helps in mitigating all aspects of risk and is a compliant the industry regulations. Besides, with the platform, you can share and store documents, SMS, photos, and videos. Moreover, it adds automated security for business databases.


Data Recovery

DIY Data Recovery That Works!

As of today, almost everyone uses a computer for various activities be it studying, working at home, business, and official purposes. A computer may be stored with an array of vital as well as sensitive information, from financial, personal to business. Have you lost important documents? Or have has formatting, repartitioning or viral damage led to the loss of your favorite pictures? Don’t panic; your data is not lost. Chances are that it’s still somewhere in your hard disk. With DIY data recovery skills, you can salvage the data from your hard drive.

DIY Data Recovery that Works – Essential Tips

Be Calm – This may sound awkward, but being calm after being faced with data loss is very important. I know you may panic, thinking that you have lost all your data. But, be calm, take a deep breath and come up with the best strategy which you will use to recover your data. Remember, making rash decisions may lead to permanent data loss. Therefore, be calm, think everything through and come up with the best strategy to recover your data.

Evaluate Your Options – How important is your lost data? If the information was financial or business, then am sure it’s of great importance. How fast does your data need to be recovered? Also, you need to ask yourself if you have the required skills and knowledge to perform the data recovery. Even if the task is not professional, it’s necessary to be equipped with the right skills for a successful recovery.

Have the Resources Needed – Now this is of great importance.  You need to have the right tools required for the job. For instance, you may need a computer, a trusted data recovery tool, a destination drive and a bootable USB or CD. Don’t try to run a disk repair too to see if you’ll make the recovery. This is not a trial and error process; you may end up overwriting or destroying the information you intend to recover. Use only the most reputable data recovery tools and avoid multiple data recovery attempts because trying to recover so many times may damage your data.

Being equipped with the right data recovery tool is the key to getting your data back. After making a successful recovery, backup the data and install an antivirus software to prevent a loss in future. Don’t try recovering the data if you don’t have a bit of DIY tech know-how. Rather than risk losing your data, hire a data recovery professional to help you out.

Data Recovery

New Demands from Digital Forensics in 2018

Digital forensics describes investigating and interpreting electronic data. Several key players characterize the digital forensic market. Some of the most recognized vital players in the digital forensic market include Oxygen Forensics, FireEye, Access Data, PerkinElmer Inc., guidance software.

The digital forensic market is expected to grow to 6.95 dollars with time from 3.08 dollars in the year 2017. The growth in the size of the digital forensic market will also mean that the demand for digital forensic services will increase between the given years.

Several factors highly determine sales of digital forensics. Such factors may include, economic factors, environmental factors. Today most companies and businesses have opted and highly dependent on cloud computing technology, whereby they store their data and business-related information on the internet using a network of remote servers. Any company or institution that offers cloud computing services will opt to use digital forensics services to ensure that data and information belonging to their clients is safe and secure and that it cannot be erased in case of cyber-attack.

Increased cyber-attacks, crimes and increased security concerns around the globe has also led to an increase in new demand for digital forensics with an aim to put an end or somewhat reduce such activities. The digital forensic applications are lowering prices with time making them affordable and suitable for the government institution to be able to safeguard classified information from terrorist groups. Law enforcement groups will use digital forensic applications to solve crimes and hand over sufficient evidence. In North America for instance, digital forensics is mostly used in banking, IT and law enforcement.

Regarding law enforcement, digital forensic allows recovery of fingerprints from metals and surfaces. This way law enforcement institution can solve crimes quickly.

Almost everyone around the globe uses a mobile phone. All mobile phone user around the globe store information, photos and videos on their mobile phone. Digital forensic applications ensure that any data stored in your mobile phone is safe and that any unwanted signals that can wipe out or contaminate your data are eliminated.


Data Recovery

Create the target virtual machine with an empty virtual drive for recovery

Create the Target Virtual Machine with an Empty Virtual Drive for Recovery

One of the ways through which you can recover data is by creating a target virtual using an empty virtual drive. Here, we look at the steps to achieving this. it is important to note the steps below keenly as they will be vital in your success.

What to know about this task

Before giving you the steps of creating a target virtual machine with an empty drive for recovery, here are some basic facts that you should be aware of before beginning the task:

-Every virtual machine has more than one disk. However, you will only use one of the disks (empty one) to restore the data in your computer.

-This task involves copying and adding disks between two virtual machines so there is need to be careful.

-It is possible that you can restore disks to a virtual machine even in cases where the virtual machine is powered off.

-Before beginning the task, ensure that you have enough space in the empty virtual recovery drive that you want to restore the data.

-There is no chance that you can restore disks to a virtual machine that is archived.

-Always ensure that the fault tolerance option if off otherwise you may not be able to attach any disks to that virtual machine.

What are the steps to take?

After noting the above factors, it is time for conducting the actual process. Consider the steps below:

  1. 1. Expanding of the CommCell Browser

commcell browserThe first step involves expanding the ComCell Browser by going to the client computers, virtualization_client , Virtual Server and then click on VMWare. From here, right click to get the content to restore then select all tasks, browse then restore.

  1. Selection of the disks to attach

The next step is to visit the browse and restore options. From here, select attach discs to the existing virtual machine and click on the “view content” option.

  1. 3. Navigate the source virtual machine

Use the left pane to find your way around the source virtual machine. Here, you will notice that all the VMDK files are selected by default mostly on the right pane. You should then choose any of the two available options. The first one involves restoring all the disks. Here, you will have to leave the default selections by the virtual machine in the right pane where they are. On the other hand, you can restore the selected disks and clear all the selections made by the virtual machine on the right pane. This gives room for disks that you do not want restored. After this, click on the “recover all selected” option.

  1. 4. Choose your option and click “okay”

At this stage, you will have different options depending on your preference. The most effective steps however is to select a proxy and restoring all disks from source virtual machine. However, you can choose to restore only selected disks and rename them.

However, regardless of the step you take in the above stage, the result would be that you would have restored virtual machine disks and attached them to an empty target virtual machine.

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